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Having studied Music Production and Performance at Berklee College of Music, I consider myself very well-rounded in all aspects of the creation of music. From workshopping to the final product, I thoroughly enjoy and thrive through each step of the process. Please browse through the catalogue below for my specific services and check out my portfolio for examples of my work. If interested, visit the Contact section of my site to get in touch. I'm looking forward to working with you!


For 9 years now, I have been performing on stages all over the world from Los Angeles to Spain, whether it be singing, playing guitar, bass, or drums. If you are looking for live music for an event, I provide many options. I can play my more laid back, original Bossa Nova tunes if you’re looking for something relaxing. I can perform with my band Asanabenche, who provides an out of the box jazz-fusion sound, or I can even bring my band Lollie, which provides a higher energy, rock and blues influenced performance. Additionally, I would gladly learn whatever covers you may suggest, so no matter the occasion I can play! Finally, as a trained musician and multi-instrumentalist, I would happily play guitar, bass, drums, or provide vocals for a performance or recording in which you may be in need of an instrument or piece of the puzzle. 


Writing songs has been a passion of mine since I was a young boy, when I first discovered my love for music. With 9 years of experience, I have written over a hundred projects and musical pieces, with over 65 songs registered on ASCAP and counting! After taking several songwriting classes at Berklee, and with an impressive background in music theory, I have a solid and expansive understanding of what makes a song popular and how to structure its form, harmony and melody. Due to my experience and capabilities, I would be a fantastic partner in writing projects for you or helping you create your masterpiece! Feel free to check out my portfolio for some examples of things I’ve written.


I study and practice music production every day! From recording to mixing to mastering, I do it all! My specialties include recording and mixing especially, as I major in these fields at Berklee College of Music. I’ve studied recording and mixing techniques in depth and have self-produced all of my own tunes! It’s something I have improved exponentially at since attending Berklee, and in the last couple of years, I have produced many industry-level, legitimate works! Check out my portfolio to see some in action! I mostly work with real instruments and audio much more frequently than I do samples and midi, but don’t worry! I can do it all! So if you are an artist or songwriter (or both!) looking to release a record -- I would love to produce it for you and make it sound as fantastic and professional as you imagined it being!


Interested in learning guitar? Drums? Music theory? I’m your guy! In and outside of school, I have dedicated my time to advancing my knowledge in high level music theory and guitar over the last three years with the help of renowned teachers and musicians around the world. I’ve studied guitar with 5 unique professional mentors who all gave me different perspectives and techniques relating to varying genres and styles. I have previously worked with a handful of students in between semesters, and I pride myself in making sure they improve at every lesson we have and leave feeling more confident with their desired instrument! We will have some laughs and enlightening conversations, but ultimately, with my help, you will quickly grow closer to becoming the musician you have always wanted to be!


JAVIER VERCHER, Professor and Touring Musician

"Jacob is an innovative and creative person. It's very clear to me that he enjoys music from different angles, developing new, wild and soulful ideas. It's great listening to his creativity and innovation. Always performing with passion and devotion!”
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